Corrupted Essence (6)

Corrupted Essence

This set of photographs are called Corrupted Essence, and was meant to be part of a small project I was working on, however that plan fell through and they are now a single set. The idea behind this set is that the essence of the model featured has been corrupted by otherworldly forces. Of course, the essence I speak of is one’s spiritual essence. So, for such a thing to become corrupted would more than likely be because of living a sin-filled life. That said, these photos are meant to visualise what that might look like if such a thing was visible to the human eye. And as for the effect you are seeing, this was merely done with adding ink to water. I literally snapped a few pens in half and let the ink flow into a clear tank filled with water, haha. It got the job done, so I ain’t complaining. ;)

Corrupted Essence (1)Corrupted Essence (2)Corrupted Essence (3)Corrupted Essence (4)Corrupted Essence (5)Corrupted Essence (7)Corrupted Essence (6)

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