Parasitic Monstrosity (4)

Parasitic Monstrosity

For those of you who are unaware as to what my actual position I hold at my studio is (this question has come up a few times), I’ll tell you. I’m one of the lead photographers who’s in charge of photographing the various models that come to our studio on a weekly basis. I, however, do not handle photographing the budding models, actors, musicians, who want a professional photo shoot to help promote themselves. That said, I’m also one of the lead digital artists who takes care of a fair amount of graphic design that needs doing. And until recently, I’ve also gotten into the costume design side of the business. Essentially, I’m a Jack-of-all-trades who is trying to gain experience in every aspect of the business as I possibly can!

Another question I get from time to time is, “do you normally work alone?” For my own personal photography, I work alone if you don’t consider the model a person, haha. That said, as part of my job, I work together with a small team on various projects. All of the photography that is done as a team effort, I don’t upload to any of my websites as I don’t legally own the rights to any of it. However, this time is the exception. This set of photographs, which I’ve named “Parasitic Monstrosity” I took the lead of our team in creating. I had a hell of a lot more resources to play about with, and having seven other talented people to help with its creation certainly shows in the final product.

I’ve wanted to show what our team is capable of for quite some time, but I’ve never been at the helm… and not having a position of leadership doesn’t allow me to do such. Until now that is. ;)

Parasitic Monstrosity (1)Parasitic Monstrosity (2)Parasitic Monstrosity (3)Parasitic Monstrosity (4)Parasitic Monstrosity (5)

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