Enchanted (8)


The weather is now starting to get warmer as the winter season has finally begun fade away until… well, sometime in September (that’s when I start to feel the chill again). The warm weather in Scotland only tends to last for about four to five months out of the year depending on which part you come from. And even then the first and final months of the warm weather can be rather cold at times. That said, with spring and summer brings warmer, brighter colours, and thus a different feel for outdoors photography.

This set is called “Enchanted,” and It’s a rather simple concept that shows signs of the coming of spring. Bright and softer colours are shown naturally in the photographs, leaving out the need to ‘unnaturally’ edit them in. And just so you know, the butterflies are fake (if it wasn’t already obvious). They are made of plastic, and I bought them in a arts and craft store. Overall, It’s a lovely group of photographs that set the mood of spring really nicely. :)

Enchanted (1)Enchanted (2)Enchanted (3)Enchanted (4)Enchanted (5)Enchanted (6)Enchanted (7)Enchanted (8)Enchanted (9)Enchanted (10)

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