The Last Wish (1)

The Last Wish

I’ve spent the last five or so hours editing about 50 photographs I took over the last week. And here is a set I which I shot last weekend that I just finished editing a few minutes ago. It’s called “The Last Wish” and it is inspired by the book of the same name.

The Last Wish is a Polish book that was released back in 1993. It’s a fantasy novel that would go on to create one of the most critically acclaimed video game series of all time known as “The Witcher.” It’s one of the most gritty dark fantasy novels you’ll ever have the chance to read. It’s got it all, sex, murder, racism, rape, child slavery, etc. And the video game series almost has everything the book has with the exception of child slavery (it was fairly brave to put rape in game, but slavery of any sort was probably pushing it a bit). If there is one thing I want more than anything else from a dark fantasy, It’s a huge emphasis on the “Dark!” And The Last Wish gives you that in spades!

Anyway, back to the photography. The photographs you see below feature a priestess paying her respects to the fallen warriors and knights for the bloody battle they just fought. The one thing about The Last Wish that made it so engrossing is that no one can be trusted with the exception of the priestesses. Everyone seems to either want to cut your head off, or rob you of everything including your underwear! So, the main character of the story, Geralt, always held these women in very high praise. That said, I guess you could consider this my tribute to the priestesses, the only people in the entire story that weren’t out for themselves in a very ugly, corrupt, dying world. Kudos ladies. ;)

The Last Wish (1)The Last Wish (2)The Last Wish (4)The Last Wish (5)The Last Wish (6)The Last Wish (7)The Last Wish (8)

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