The Scarlet Youth (2)

The Scarlet Youth

I’m back with a new set of photographs and they go by the name of “The Scarlet Youth.” From the first photo that you see, you can obviously tell that “Little Red Riding Hood” was the inspiration. Although, I’ve went for more of a brooding appearance that has a very bleak and an almost unsettling look about it. I’ve always liked the idea of giving the story of LRRH a creepier twist similar to that of what American McGee did with the story of Alice in Wonderland. Somehow I feel that it fits much better with the overall story.

What should be apparent by now with my photography is that I quite fond of forests. The darker, colder, and creepier the forest looks, the better. I honestly think that such a setting brings a lot of emotion and character to a photograph, and that’s why It’s a popular location for me to use. It may also be due to the fact that dark fantasy is big inspiration for my photography and art. And you can’t have a great dark fantasy story without at least one haunted forest now can you?

The Scarlet Youth (1)The Scarlet Youth (2)The Scarlet Youth (3)The Scarlet Youth (4)The Scarlet Youth (5)The Scarlet Youth (6)

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