Losing the Faith

An acquaintance of mine that I’ve come into contact with via the Internet once asked me if I was religious or followed any form of religious code? I replied with a simple yet stern “No.” My acquaintance went on to ask if I believed if there was a God or Gods? Again, I replied “No.” Finally, my acquaintance asked one last question, “Why don’t you believe in God?” This is a question I’ve heard more and more ever since I’ve become more active on English-speaking part of the Internet. Being from Japan, people, for the most part, aren’t very religious, and now that I live in Scotland, I have found the same to be true. However, the question of belief is one that pops up from time to time because of what I can only assume is curiosity. It is not a question that offends or annoys me in any way, but it certainly does make me ponder about the current state of religion, and the impact of It’s inevitable fall.

An angel taking flight for the very first time.

Losing the Faith (1)

I was never raised religious, but I have lived in some very religious areas, whilst I was growing up. During my childhood, I lived in a part of Russia, which was predominantly Christian. Going against the popular belief of Russians being somewhat aggressive, and Christians being ignorant and bigoted, the people I live beside were all highly accepting of a Japanese family of Atheists. And comparing this to how accepted my family, and I were to that of the acceptance of the Chinese when we lived in China… it was night and day. And please keep in mind that when I lived in Russia, it was only a few years after the fall of the Soviet Union. Definitely something worth noting, I would think.

Religious is something that I’ve never been nor ever will be. And I completely understand the problems that religion creates because of the small-minded people who perpetuate their lack of understand of It’s teachings and their own ignorance. However, I also understand that not all religious people are bad. In my experience, I met many more civil, well-mannered religious people than I have atheists and agnostics. I’m also well aware of this modern witch hunt that the media has seemed to conjure up in recent years against religion. In Britain, It’s the Christians who come under attack from the politically correct liberal media at every turn. The very same media which then go on further as to ignore the main bulk of the crime and hate by religious people, which comes from the small population of Muslims who reside within the country. Tackling the ignorance within religion with more ignorance is only going to end with bigger problems when It’s all said and done…

Only to be shot down by the arrow of  Religionism…

Losing the Faith (2)

As I’ve grown up, I’ve never questioned my lack of belief in God. However, I have questioned the belief of others who claim they also don’t believe in God. Now as an adult, I find myself getting more and more irate over the sheer stupidity of those around me, religious and non-religious alike. My Mother raised me with the belief that atheism is the future of the human race, and It’s future that is worth striving towards. But on closer inspection into the state of modern society and all It’s corruption, apathy towards to education and total lack of morals… I’m beginning to question if this is a future to look forward to?

Laying wounded on the floor, no-one is willing to to give her a helping hand…

Losing the Faith (3)

My name is Nozomi Suzuki and I am without faith. And when I say “I am without faith” I mean in anything. Atheism, religion, modern society, a better future, and most of all… people.

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One response to “Losing the Faith

  1. Hi Nozomi
    I like your article; it is well written and passionately expressed. You are correct about religion; It is man-made not God ordained. Jesus did not go to the cross to form a religion; He went to form a relationship with all mankind; He came to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. It was the early church that altered this message; which grew into the chaos of the religion we see today. All religion in the world was taken from the bible and twisted to formulate they’re own doctrines. It is a shame how something so pure and holy has been deflowered, but it is the plan of satan to destroy the church and the best way to destroy something is from the inside. One more thought; I noticed you have pictures of angels attached to this article. So where do angels come from if not from God. ~Respectfully Cindy

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