Magical (4)

Magical Discovery

These are my newest set of photographs that aren’t very new… What I mean by that is, I took these photos a few months back, and I’ve never got around to editing them. Skip forward to a few days ago and I randomly stumbled across them in a folder, I keep my video-editing software in. I have no idea how they got in there, but luckily I found them, and I’ve had the chance to be creative.

When it comes to what inspired me to create this set… I honestly can’t say. It was merely an idea I had at the time that had no inspiration from any books, movies, etc. That is in no way implying that magical glowing eggs found deep into a Scottish forest is an original idea, hehe. However, It’s still pretty darn cute, and I’m really happy with how they look. :)

Magical (1)Magical (2)Magical (3)Magical (4)

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