[Self-portrait] Eurasian

It’s been quite some time since I last featured in some photographs, let alone had someone other than myself who was actually in control of the camera. I had this set of photos taken because of a project that is happening back in my hometown of Yokohaka, Japan. The project has something to do with multiracial Japanese people who have European (or of European descent) parents, grandparents, ancestors, etc. For those who didn’t already know; I’m part Russian on my Mother’s side. That said, my Mother has had photos taken of all my sisters and is putting them forward to the project, so she wanted me to do the same.

This project has been happening for the past three years, and each time my Mother has been one of the volunteers who sets everything up. Every time she tries to get me to take photos of myself, so she can, in her words “show me off and brag” to everyone at the event. And this year, I finally caved in and put a smile on my Mother’s usually sour looking face (if you’re reading this Mummy, I’m joking!). However, to be completely honest, I don’t know the full details of the project, haha… What I do know is that the photos of all the “Eurasian” people will be shown in a gallery at a venue for people to view. Furthermore, there is also a meet and greet for all the mixed folk that attend the event… or something to that effect. Suffice to say, my Mother isn’t one for explaining things coherently, hehe.

Just from looking at these photographs, are any of you able to tell that I’m multiracial? I tried to look as natural as I possibly could by toning down on the amount of makeup I usually wear and taking out all of my hair dye. I thought if I showed of my natural brown hair, it would make my Russian side show off a bit more.


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