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Japan Adventures: The Scenery

This is the second part of my Japan Adventures blog post. You can see the first post by clicking here.

Last Friday I took the time out to travel to Tokyo in order to spend some time with friends whom I hadn’t seen in almost a year. However, while I was there, I made good use of my time by photographing the scenery around Mt. Fuji. My plan originally was to take photographs of inner-city Tokyo but considering that I was near the area of Mt. Fuji, I decided it was a good idea. And as I said in my last post, Japan this time of the year is absolutely gorgeous, so the photos turned out really well as a result. Everything from the clear sky, to the snow-covered mountain tops. I couldn’t have been there at a more perfect time!

JP (1)JP (2)JP (3)JP (4)JP (5)JP (6)JP (7)JP (8)JP (9)

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One thought on “Japan Adventures: The Scenery”

  1. Positively stunning! Excellent work! I especially like the fifth picture, the one with a gnarly tree in the foreground with Fuji in the lower left. It looks like a Sumi-e painting.

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