People of Japan (9)

Japan Adventures: People of Japan

Last Tuesday I arrived back home in Japan to spend time with my family for the holidays. I said in my last post that I wanted to capture the beauty of the Japanese countryside because this time of the year It’s truly a wonder to behold. That said, I thought I would do one better and photograph the country of Japan in It’s entirety. Everything from the countryside, the culture, and to the people who live here. So, I thought I would start off by uploading a selection of photographs that shows various people of Yokohama during the nighttime.

A group of young women shopping during snowfall.

People of Japan (1)
A young couple cruising the town in their sweet set of wheels.

People of Japan (2)

A young man on his way home from work.

People of Japan (3)

A little girl standing out in a crowd of many.

People of Japan (5)

A woman trying to escape the blizzard.

People of Japan (6)

Time goes by as he waits for the late train to arrive.

People of Japan (7)

An underage smoker waiting for a train.

People of Japan (8)

Three friends walking through the cold streets.

People of Japan (9)

A valet rushing back to work after parking a Car.

People of Japan (11)

A grandfather and grandchild having what can only be described as a “playful argument.”

People of Japan (12)

The Journey home after a night of shopping.

People of Japan (13)

The Christmas spirit is alive and well for one girl as she wears her Christmas inspired lolita outfit.

People of Japan (14)

More updates from Japan coming soon…

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