Young Love

Young Love

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to have a photo shoot during a sunset involving a young couple. I have always had soft spot for romantic novels, and I guess you could say I’m an old fashioned romantic at heart (even though I’d never say such aloud). A majority of the romantic novels that I’ve read, tend to follow the same train of thought. They constantly involve a young couple meeting under the most obscure circumstances. And the story always ends during a sunset with the couple rejoiced in each other’s arms. That said, I took it upon myself to capture that scene at the end of every romantic novel that I’ve ever read.

If you haven’t noticed already, the first photograph has absolutely perfect timing *smug grin*. And to be completely honest with you, I even surprised myself with that one, haha.

lost prophecy 4

Lost Prophecy

The last couple of days have been a little hectic in terms of the workload that I’ve been burdened with. I’ve had to work all day from early in the morning until late at night for the last week or so. My colleagues and I have had multiple projects we’ve had to finalise as soon as possible on the count falling behind our deadlines. However, all that is finally over, and I can now finally let my hair down and finish editing my photography and upload it for you all to see.

This is one of the first solo projects that I’ve completed. It’s called “Lost Prothecy” and It’s inspired by a book I read many years ago called Castles in the Sky. It’s a fantasy novel about a young girl who has been kidnapped and locked away in a floating castle by an evil overlord. Long story short, she is able to learn magic from the ancient tomes that reside within the library, she then learns a spell that enables her to fly away from her air born prison. My photoshopping skills were put to the test, and I had to redo some of the photos (many were let out completely) a second time because I was not content with the finished product. However, I’m ecstatic with the final result, and I hope you all will be as pleased with it as I am.

Majestic (1)


On the weekend, a colleague and I got the chance to go up into the Scottish Highlands to photograph the scenery.

Upon arriving, my colleague and I stumbled across a small intimate village beside a long stretch of lake. We spoke to some of the locals about any great locations for a photo shoot that they could recommend. And this lead us uphill into a beautiful area of grass stretching across multiple hills. However, neither of us were expecting to witness the majesty as you are able to see in the photographs below.

Never before have I seen horses in the flesh, let alone wild horses. It was truly a wondrous sight to behold. And I’m glad I could capture their beauty to show all of you lovely folks of the interwebs.

Mongolia Day 3 (6)

Mongolia Day 3

This is Day 2 of my recent visit to Mongolia. You can view the photographs I took from Day 1 by clicking the following link, and the photographs from Day 2 by clicking this link.

This is Day 3 of my visit to Mongolia, and unlike Day 2 with my adventure to the desert, this is a new adventure to central Mongolia. It’s regions like this that makes my love of travelling a much more joyous experience. Open plains, wild tundra, snow topped mountains, and quaint little settlements, and villages right in the heart of it all… I absolutely love it. As a photographer, it’s a dream location to have a photo shoot. And believe me when I say this; the air here is as fresh as air can be! Every breath I take is almost like a detox for my lungs, haha.

I hope you enjoy my photographs, and hopefully I’ll be able to have one more set of photos to show off, provided I have the time.

Mongolia Day 3 (1) Mongolia Day 3 (2) Mongolia Day 3 (3) Mongolia Day 3 (4) Mongolia Day 3 (5) Mongolia Day 3 (6) Mongolia Day 3 (7) Mongolia Day 3 (8) Mongolia Day 3 (9)


Mongolia Day 2

This is Day 2 of my recent visit to Mongolia. You can view the photographs I took from Day 1 by clicking the following link.

These photographs were captured in the northern part of the Gobi Desert. Even though we were staying in a hotel roughly 60 miles from here, I thought it would be one of my only chances to actually see the desert with my own eyes, let alone have the time to photograph it. In saying that, it was definitely worth the time as it truly is a beautiful sight to behold up close. That said… am I the only one who didn’t know Mongolia had camels? I honestly felt like an idiot openly admitting this to my two work colleagues, but I had no clue! Anyway, here is a camel herder and his camels, who I followed around photographing for about 20 minutes. :)

Mongolia Day 2 (1) Mongolia Day 2 (2) SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Mongolia Day 2 (6)

Mongolia Day 1 (1)

Mongolia Day 1

For the past few days I’ve been working in Mongolia, photographing the sights and sounds. My boss and two other colleagues of mine were given a job to photograph various fashion shows and cultural events currently going on in Mongolia. Although I wasn’t one of the photographers involved in the assignment, I was asked to come along as a translator/personal assistant. That said, I don’t speak Mongolian, but a number of the people we would be working with can speak Russian and Chinese (two languages I can speak fluently). However, the actual events themselves which we would be doing most of our work is at the end of the week. So my boss gave my two work colleagues and I a chance to capture the beauty of Mongolia when we didn’t have a job to do.

Here are some of the photographs I was able to capture on my first day (technically day 2 as I arrived at night) in Mongolia. :)

Mongolia Day 1 (5)Mongolia Day 1 (10)Mongolia Day 1 (11)Mongolia Day 1 (6)Mongolia Day 1 (3)Mongolia Day 1 (7)Mongolia Day 1 (8)Mongolia Day 1 (4)Mongolia Day 1 (2)Mongolia Day 1 (1)


This set of photographs were taken down by the seaside on the east coast of Scotland. Originally the weather forecast stated that it was going to be fairly sunny, however, it turned out to be somewhat cloudy. Overall it was a fairly gloomy day that gave the photos a washed out look. Which in turn suited the idea of a woman feeling a sense of forlorn.

forlorn 1 forlorn 2 forlorn 3 forlorn 4 forlorn 5



I’m back with a brand-spanking new set of photographs! This set is called “Constricted,” and it’s sort of inspired by all of those low budget 90s horror films, haha. I don’t know about any of you guys, but when I has growing up, it seemed like every cheap horror movie’s VHS box art, always seemed to be someone struggling to break free from something. Now that I think about it, maybe that was just that specific video rental store I went into with my Mother as a child… Anyway, there is nothing overly complex going on with the post-processing that needs explaining. It’s fairly simple stuff all things considered. All it took to create this set is a sheet, my friend Jessica, and a grainy photo effect created via Photoshop.


make-believe  (14)


This set is called “make-believe” and the story behind it is a young widow who recently lost her husband, begins to imagine things which aren’t there. Some may call it mental illness, but in the young widow’s case, it is merely trauma, and a broken heart. That said, there’s nothing too special going on in terms of special effects with making the hat and suit float. It’s just clever camera trickery ;)

make-believe  (9)make-believe  (8)make-believe  (7)make-believe  (4)make-believe  (3)make-believe  (2)make-believe  (1)make-believe  (10)make-believe  (11)make-believe  (12)make-believe  (14)make-believe  (16)

Playing around with Coral Painter 12

So I’ve finally gotten back behind the camera and taken some photos, so here’s the first of some brand new photography that I’ve taken. With this photo, I liked the idea of combining photography and water paint as I’ve seen it done before to great effect. To achieve the water paint effect, I used Coral Painter 12 as it has some nifty little tools which are much superior than doing so by hand. That said, this is by no means an original idea, however, it’s a cool idea nonetheless.


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